We are currently 'farming the neighborhood' in six different Old Town plots.  The food we grow in town feeds approximately 15 families, while teaching the members the process from start to finish.  We are a unique CSA farm, in that our desire is to teach others (through the process of the growing season) how much food it is possible to grow in a neighborhood lot.  Our desire is to see others come, work & learn - and then go reproduce what we are doing in their own neighborhood.
 Plenty Farms is also partnering with Herbal Heart Apothecary.  By companion planting the herbs & flowers they use for their infused herbal skin care line along with our organic vegetables, we will both benefit from stronger plants and beautiful gardens.


Born out of Sarah's friendship with Will Bemis (an inspired baker, builder and dear friend), Plenty Sourdough is a gift we share with our Loveland community.   We bake our bread in our hand-built, wood-fired oven only once per month.  This artisan bread is truly unique.  First, we source only the best organic grains.  Sarah and her daughters grind the whole grains fresh the night before, and mix the dough with the stand mixer that was purchased through community donations and support.  
Our bread day begins early on the second Friday of each month, as each loaf is hand shaped with love.   The oven is fired up and the wood kept burning until each loaf is sufficiently and beautifully baked.  We enjoy bringing the extras down to Loveland Aleworks for Downtown Loveland's 'Night on the Town' and interacting with our community.  If you have not yet tried our bread, you can pre-order on our website by clicking on 'market'. 



Less than 100 years ago American culture was very different.  Up until the industrial revolution, families passed on cherished heirloom skills to their children.  It was a matter of survival.  Skills like cooking from scratch, growing and preserving food, seed saving, raising and butchering animals, sewing & fermenting.  Today, we are seeing a desire growing again in people to connect with the knowledge that most of our grandparents took for granted.  We hope to be a part of sharing these important skills through video.  Visit Sarah's Thrifty Good Life YouTube channel to learn more.